Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Are you fed up with Government ministers, politicians, bankers and other parasitic millionaires telling us all that we need to accept cuts, save money and accept less pay for more work? Whilst they are not short of a few pennies, having made huger profits, working people suffer. They and their friends in the media then have the audacity to lecture us all on the need to work longer, pay more into pension schemes to receive less and accept lower living standards.

The bankers tell us all it is all the fault of the Greeks. What they really mean is that if the Greek people default on the debt and refuse to accept the undemocratic dictates of the IMF, then they,(the bankers), will lose a fortune. Well we are fed up with bailing out the bankers with our tax money so that they can continue to get rich at our expense. They caused this crisis, not working people.

PCS joins in with other trade unions to organise joint industrial action on June 30th. We must all work to make this a day of protest that unites everyone .

Vote to strike over pensions, pay and job cuts
PCS members have voted by a clear majority in favour of strike action and action short of strike, in the dispute over pensions, pay and job cuts.
61.1% of members voted in favour of strike action and 83.6% in favour of action short of strike, on a turnout of 32.4%.

The PCS result follows yesterday’s announcement of votes in favour of strike action by teaching unions. The PCS NEC has agreed to co-ordinate action with education unions, which will lead to the biggest strike in a generation.

The NEC has agreed unanimously that unless there are significant concessions from the government, a 24 hour strike for 30 June 2011 will be called. This will be followed by an overtime ban throughout July.

The NEC would like to thank all members and activists for their continued work and support.

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