Friday, June 3, 2011

Worthing & District Trades Union Council – Launch Meeting

Union members are at the forefront of of the fight to defend jobs, public services, pensions and workers' living standards. The need for strong trade union organisations at a local level is needed today more than ever. That is why we must all welcome and support the launching of the Worthing & District Trades Council .

The unions have to be able to reach out to the local communities they serve, including the youth, pensioners, the unemployed, women, members of ethnic communities and the gay community. They have to be able to show that they are able to unite all of us in the fightback against the austerity measures and that there is an alternative to cuts. It is in the interest of all of us to support our unions and to ensure that our unions fully represent us.

The building of support for initiatives around the joint day of action on 30th June by the unions will show that Cameron and co do not have the answers that are acceptable to us. From Greece, Spain and Southampton, workers organisations refuse to pay the price for the crisis caused by the bankers. Whilst City profits increase and the shares on the Stock Exchange go up in value at our expense, trade unionists are saying " put people before profit".

In the words of Joe Hill, "Don't moan, organise!"

Worthing & District Trades Union Council – Launch Meeting
Wednesday 22nd June - 7.30 pm - Labour Hall, Lyndhurst Rd, Worthing BN11 2DE

On 16th May a local group of Trade Union activists including Unison,GMB,CWU,PCS,Unite,UCU held an organising meeting in Worthing with a view to re-establishing a Trade Union Council for the Shoreham,Adur,Worthing & Littlehampton areas. We are supported by SERTUC.

We are inviting Trade Union Branches with members employed in this geographical area, to attend the above dated open launch meeting, hopefully with a view to affiliating.

The business of the meeting will include;

·         Proposed Constitution – A draft copy will be sent out in time for the meeting

·         Election of Executive Committee – Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Treasurer and up to 8 others elected from the floor. This will be an Interim Committee pending AGM on a date to be agreed.

 Branches agreeing in principle to affiliate will be invited to nominate delegates who will be from their own branch, for election to the Executive Committee. To ensure proportionality Branches may have one representative on the Executive Committee.

Election if required will be by show of hands from those present at the meeting.

·         Affiliations - Annual affiliation fee of £10 plus 10p per member in the geographical area, will be payable shortly after this launch meeting in a timescale to be agreed. Any Branch not paying the affiliation fee in this timescale will vacate any position held, which will be re-elected from branches that have paid the affiliation.

·         Supporting Action on 30th June

Discussion on how Worthing & District Trades Union Council will support this day of action.

·         Guest Speakers

Please RSVP, contacts below, we look forward to seeing you at this exciting initiative for the organised labour movement in the area.

In Solidarity

Richard Jones  07931 682996
Lee Billingham  07733 151116
 Worthing & District Trades Union Council

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  1. You`ve misquoted Joe Hill. Prior to his execution on a trumped up charge, he urged supporters after his death not to MOURN but to organize.

    "The copper bosses killed you Joe.
    They shot you Joe said I.
    'Takes more than guns to kill a man'
    Said Joe 'I didn`t die'.

    From San Diego up to Maine
    In every mine & mill
    Where working men defend their rights
    It`s there you`ll find Joe Hill