Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We will strike we will win-latest from Athens-

Solidarity with the Greek workers and their General Strike

On the day that public sector unions announce co-ordinated strike action plans on June 30th, here are some photos just sent from Athens by Dave Hill. These have just been sent in.

The government of PASOK are proposing a further cut in public sector salaries, and further pension cuts.. Public sector workers have already had a pay cut of 20percent.. Fears are that the threatened austerity measures will meana further 30 per cent pay cut- actual pay cuts!..... Plus privatisation of electricity, water,telecoomunications, ports,, and increased taxesn for exmple on tabacco, refreshments..... Parliament is now surrounded, protected by the police of course

Also compulsory redundancies, there are threats to reduce the public sector workforce by 50percent over three years

In Syntagma Square -  Solidarity with the Spanish anTicristo

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