Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keep our land open-Titnore latest

This report has just been sent in regarding the latest on Titnore .The developers’ proposals for development at West Durrington have now been revealed and can be seen online at

On the positive side, the plan confirms that the historic campaign to save the trees has succeeded – there is no access off Titnore Lane through the woods and the housing estate is confined to the agricultural land.
On the negative side, we are still talking about 700 homes (with a second phase yet to come) on a greenfield site prone to flooding. There are sure to be plenty of objections from residents when the plans are submitted to Worthing Borough Council.

We share with others our total opposition to the privatising of all our natural woods and forests. These were kept in public ownership over decades for all to enjoy. The Con Dems now plan to sell off our natural heritage and probably turn a blind eye to the property developers and land speculaters, who will restrict access, charge for the right to roam, building where they shouldn't.
Keep our heritage free from such destruction and restrictions.

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