Thursday, January 27, 2011

West Sussex County Council plans to cut jobs and services - whilst the bankers get their bonuses.

Cutting to the bone - local cuts round up.
So whilst bankers continue to get their bonuses, £37 million cuts and hundreds of job losses are being considered by West Sussex County Council.

Efficiency savings, voluntary redundancies and cutting bureaucracy may sound ok to Council leader Louise Goldsmith, but to working people it means the decimating of front line essential services, making those who depend on the services face the real effects of ConDem austerity measures. Additionally it means more stress and heavier workloads for public sector workers trying to deliver the services.

In the meantime, Worthing and Adur Council have issued a warning that "frontline services may not be protected in future". 37 posts, £963,000 savings and increased workloads are being considered.

Yet did not the ConDems say front line services will be safe with them!

We say councils and councillors should refuse to implement any cuts in public services and support local workers and the local community in defending jobs and services.

The local anti-cuts campaigns in Worthing, Brighton and elsewhere will be demanding councillors make a stand against cuts.

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