Friday, January 28, 2011

People power in Egypt-what next for the region

Tunisian youth and workers in a few days, following years of repression and poverty, overthrew a dictator sponsored by European and the US Governments. This has sparked a movement across the region. The events unfolding in Egypt have been compared to the rise of Nasser and the fall of the Romanian dictator.

What ever may happen over the next few hours, clearly the Egyptian workers and youth are in the process of writing their own history. Whether the army steps in and imposes repression or whether it acknowledges change on the side of the people we await. What ever happens, the Mubarak regime is finished.

Government buildings and police stations across the main centres in Cairo are in flames. The media may be down but the people are not. This movement can not and will not be put down. Inspite of rubber bullets the demonstrations continue. The army may step in but will it be able to control the destiny of 82 million people.

From Alexandria to Suez, the people are on the march. The riot squads (CFS) use US purchased and produced rubber bullets  and cs gas to attempt to reverse the movement. Hilary Clinton in the mean time calls for non violence. Yet the violence comes from those attempting to defend the last vestiges of a dying regime.

Jordan, Syria and other parts of the Middle East may be next, in which order who knows, but the struggle will spread. Then what will the Zionists and their supporters do?

Mubarak's army tanks will not reverse the gains of the Egyptian people. The international struggle must also mean strengthening the fight for Palestinian self determination and liberation.

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