Sunday, January 23, 2011

 A meeting worth attending unless ofcourse you are the local police spy then please leave a donation at the door and wear the tee shirt so we do not have to drink with you.

Worthing Alliance special discussion – do we live in a democracy?

8pm, Thursday January 27, Beechwood Hall hotel, Wykeham Road, Worthing.
Every week it seems we have more and more proof that democracy in this country is a sham. Politicians make solemn pledges and then break them.
Young people are chided for being apathetic encouraged to take more of an interest in politics, but when they do take to the streets in their thousands they find their views are still ignored and they are all treated like criminals by the police.
Meanwhile, we have also seen evidence of the way the authorities infiltrate protest groups not just to check up what they are doing but also to disrupt their activities and throw them into disarray.
There will be an introductory talk at the meeting, followed by a discussion of the issues. Campaigners from various local groups will also report on their current activities. All welcome.

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