Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sarah Tether MP also fails to get the point. Her government and her cuts!

 Brent Fightback mobilises and unites many local unions, community groups and user groups to defend local services.


 Brent Fightback local demonstration and lobby of Sarah Tether

The meeting with Sarah Teather by a deputation was hardly a meeting of minds. Many of the issues brought up at the rally were raised, her reply was essentially to either say we are wrong or  to tell us that it would be much worse if she wasn’t in government! Oh, and to blame the Council when it is the government which has cut the Council’s funding.

Here is a link to a Channel 4 programme showing Sarah Teather advising users of Kensal Rise Library to take a leaf from the book of the people in Stoney Stratford and take all the books off the shelves: 

The Guardian had an article on Thursday about the nature of the Coalition and how it is pulling some of the Lib Dems, especially Sarah Teather to the right you can read it at:

Go to Brent Fightback and Brent Trades Council links for more details.

Sarah may have won the seat in a bye-election but hopefully will lose it in the next election. The students also learnt to their cost that you can never trust a Lib Dem.

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