Monday, May 30, 2011

From Spain to Greece the message is loud and clear- No IMF/ World Bank austerity measures.

Thousands of people across Greece once again made it clear on the streets that they reject the IMF/ World Bank/ E.U. austerity measures being imposed and will not just sit and take it. Like people across Spain, Portugal and elsewhere, they stand up to the Bankers and the system that caused the crisis.

The crisis of capitalism is international and the solution must also be international. Defaulting on the debt and mobilising against attempts to impose these attacks on working people is a message spreading like wildfire across Europe. Inspite of attacks by  Greek fascists over the past few weeks,  the attempt to use  racism and scapegoats has not deterred the movement. and their messages of hate was rejected. The struggle continues. International solidarity must be strengthened. The lessons across Europe and the Middle East must be learnt. Workers' unity, co-ordinated action and the unity of the Left is essential.
The people on the streets of Athens shouted, "We want our life, we want our happiness, we want our dignity. Out with the thieves and out with the IMF".

In Britain, June 30th  must be made the largest day of joint industrial action by trade unions and service users in defence of jobs and the public services against the attacks by the Con Dems .

Resolution by the Popular Assembly of Syntagma square
… an assembly attended by 3,000 people.
For a long time now, decisions are taken for us, without us.
We are workers, unemployed, pensioners, youth who came to Syntagma to struggle for our lives and our futures.
We are here because we know that the solution to our problems can only come from us.
We invite all Athenians, the workers, the unemployed and the youth to Syntagma, and the entire society to fill up the squares and to take life into its hands.
There, in the squares, we shall co-shape all our demands.
We call all workers who will be striking in the coming period to end up and to remain at Syntagma.
We will not leave the squares before those who lead us here leave first: Governments, the Troika, Banks, Memorandums and everyone who exploits us.
We tell them that the debt is not ours.
The only defeated struggle is the one that was never fought!

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