Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Solidarity with Southampton Council workers

Threats of pay cuts, redundancies and cuts to services are being resisted by the council workers and they deserve our full support . They are taking action on behalf of all of us against these austerity measures. The bankers caused the crisis not trade unionists, service users or the local communities that the trade unions serve.
Whilst the gap between the rich and poor increases, with further attacks on public services being carried out, others are saying enough is enough and fighting back. The NHS, Welfare State and local public services are essential to all of us.
Southampton Council workers are this week taking a militant and principled stand against cuts and privatisation that deserves to be emulated everywhere and supported as much as possible.Please rush messages of support and solidarity (like the example below, whether from your union branch or as an individual) to the Unite union convenor there:

Mark Wood
Solidarity forever!
Worthing Solidarity Network

I've been asked to send a message of solidarity to your members from the UNITE UK Combine Committee in Fujitsu.

Congratulations on standing up against the cuts to public services.  Those like you who work in them and who directly face just in jobs, terms and conditions, those like us who work in the private sector but supply the public sector, and everyone who wants decent public services needs to stand together against the cuts.  Your local strike, like those which have already taken place in Tower Hamlets, Camden and Doncaster, is an important step on the road to the sort of coordinated action needed to defeat the cuts.  You are playing a brave and vital role in building up the movement.

We wish you every success in your campaign, and if there is anything we can do to be of practical assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.


Ian Allinson
Chair, UNITE Fujitsu UK Combine Committee

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