Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A quarter of a million public servants to ballot for strike

More than a quarter of a million civil and public servants will ballot for a strike over cuts to pensions, jobs and pay, following an overwhelming vote at the Public and Commercial Services union annual conference.
Ballot papers will be issued from next week and the ballot will close mid-June, with the first action possible later that month. The union is working closely with education unions who are also balloting over pensions or have already voted and taken strike action, bringing the total to 750,000 union members.
Delegates speaking in the debate talked about how the coalition government's policies are wreaking havoc on their livelihoods, their families and their communities, and pledged their commitment to campaign against all cuts.
The government's slash and burn approach to tackling the budget deficit will throw hundreds of thousands of public sector workers out of work, impose a pay freeze on those that remain, axe vital public services, and undermine hard-won rights such as pensions and redundancy terms.
The government has already made it clear it will implement Lord Hutton's proposals on public sector pensions, meaning civil and public servants will pay higher contributions and work longer for a lower pension.
The union wants: no detrimental changes to pensions or the civil service redundancy scheme; a strengthening of the Cabinet Office-agreed measures to avoid compulsory redundancies; and an end to the pay freeze and a fair pay rise for all.
The conference agreed to: hold a national ballot in defence of jobs, pensions and pay; and continue to work with other trade unions to co-ordinate action for maximum impact.
PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: "Everything we have ever worked for is under threat - but we know there is an alternative and we are committed to fighting for it and, if necessary, striking for it.
"The economic crisis was not caused by our members' jobs, pensions or pay and it is shameful and wrong that the coalition government is attempting to scapegoat them in its bid to slash and burn the welfare state."
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June 30th is shaping up to be an important day in trade union calenders. Similar action by teachers and lecturers unions, UCU and N.U.T., along with Unite and other unions could see the largest day of industrial action for a long time. March 26th saw half a million demonstrate in London against cuts. Communities across the country face devastation if the Con Dem plans to cut, privatise and decimate the NHS, Welfare State and pensions is allowed to go ahead.

Young and old, public and private sector workers, benefit claiments, the unemployed, students and workers all have the same interest in opposing these austerity measures.Communities are coming together to say enough is enough. It is in all our interests to join together in saying that there is an alternative to these cuts.

We can not have public services without public sector workers. The youth of today will be the pensioners of the future. It is for all our sakes that we build solidarity and show that enough is enough. This callous government of bankers and millionaires do not care for the Welfare State and never did.

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