Sunday, May 29, 2011

June 30th Worthing Solidarity with the strikes - Day of Action Against The Cuts

On Thursday June 30th it looks highly likely that members of the PCS, NUT, UCU, and ATL unions among others, will be out on strike against government attacks on workers' pensions, pay and conditions. This is the next big crucial battle in upping the fightback against austerity, and one which everyone opposed to the cuts must support.

Worthing Solidarity Network is calling on everyone possible to support the workers taking strike action and make sure the community is connected to the strikes taking place:

- If you work, take the day off and go to a picket line to show support, and/or join union- and WSN-organised activities through the day
- If you don't work, if you are at school or college, just come and join in with the Day of Action

Details have still to be finalised, and your ideas are *very* welcome

This is an early warning to book the day off/stick it in your diary!

The strikes if they go ahead will be big national news, and - taking the lead of Spanish workers and young people at present - we want to make sure that everyone in Worthing hears about the alternative to cuts, and sees for themselves the unity being created between workers under attack and everyone else facing cuts to their benefits, EMA and services.

Worthing Solidarity Network
 Angry about your wages being held down while prices soar?
 Struggling to make ends meet?
 Worried about not having a decent pension when you retire?
Under pressure at work?
Fed up with poor and expensive housing?
 Worried about the future of our NHS, social care and other public services?
WSN is a group of ordinary people like you, coming together to support each other and to campaign against the cuts that the government and our local authorities are trying to push through – which they tell us we have no choice about. But the rich are getting richer and not paying their share, and the banks who caused the mess are raking it in! Get involved:
Tel: 07733151116 Facebook: "Worthing Solidarity Network

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