Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nakba Remembered-There will be no peace in the Middle East until there is justice for the Palestinians

Maybe the Palestinian unity demonstrations on March 15 were a false start, but  public protests to mark the Nakba appear to have something of the Arab Spring about them.  Peaceful demonstrators assembled at Qalandia, al-Ma'asara, Nablus, Bil'in and many other places across the West Bank, Gaza and in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Syria at the borders with Israel's defacto state, as well as in Jaffa.  The demonstrations have been  met with repression and violence from Israeli military, sometimes supplemented by the private security guards of settlements.

Reports of 17 Palestinians shot dead and many arrested by the IDF are coming through. The new sense of unity amongst Palestinians will ensure the struggle continues until they are liberated from the illegal Zionist occupation of their lands. The Israeli apartheid state and its so-called "peace wall", along with the illegal settlements, must be dismanteld if there is to be true peace in the Middle East.

From Syria to Egypt, the people of the region are rising up against dictators and despots. Just as they disappear off the scene so must the Zionist state.

In Israel, the Nakba is now the subject of a draconian law outlawing it's commemoration by publicly-funded bodies, including schools attended by Israel's Palestinian citizens.  Zochrot ("Remembering") protested the law by commemorating the Nakba in Tel Aviv.

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