Sunday, April 10, 2011

Anti-cuts day school-Brighton

It is good that anti-cuts activists are getting together across Sussex, sharing experiances, making links and building the fightback. Yesterday was just a day in Brighton at the anti-cuts day school, organised by Brighton Stop The Cuts Coalition. Discussions on a range of issues took place amongst activists and this must be welcomed. They plan another event which deserves supporting. It is not about setting up yet another committee but about strengthening the links, listening, talking and learning from each other.

Last year, the Lib Dems pledged not to increase tuition fees and quickly renaged on this, quick to jump into office with the Tories. Today, they promise to oppose Lansley's NHS bill. We do not trust them at all as they have been part of an unelected coalition, implementing the most savage attacks on working people, youth, students and the weakest in society. This year has shown one thing, working people must look to their own and the labour and trade union movement to oppose the Con Dem class attack. We expect Cleg and Cameron to defend  the bankers. They created this crises and we are not going to pay for it.

Over half a million marched in London against the austerity measures on March 26th. This was the biggest trade union march since the 1970's. Industrial action in the public sector against pay cuts, attacks on public services, pensions and jobs can be expected over the coming period. Local community groups are fighting to defend their local schools, hospitals, playgroups and community centres. Benefit claiments and those dependant on diasability and income support are facing a horrendous and nightmarish future. We have to be able to show that there is an alternative to these cuts and the fightback has started.

In the meantime, the fascists and racists attempt to divide working people with their vile scapegoating message. In Brighton and elsewhere we will not be intimidated and there is a united response across the whole of our multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-religious society against them. The BNP/ EDL and others have nothing to offer but hatred and  bigotry.  They will not pass.

A-star anti-cuts day school unites South East activists -report.

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