Friday, April 1, 2011

Libya and BBC Question Time

Congratulations go to Mark Serwotka, General Secretary of the PCS trade union, in opposing the hypocritical role of NATO and allied forces in Libya. Whilst making it clear that he is no friend of Gaddafi, far from it, nor does he believe that this will solve the problem. The Libyan people must be supported in liberating themselves and any bombing of Tripoli will only harden support for the regime. When people talk of a humanitarian crises, then what about Bahrain, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the terrible bombings of Gaza?

CIA and MI6 forces are on the ground, deciding which elements of the Libyan rebels can be armed and "trusted". We say that the rebels should be armed and only they have the right to decide their future, not NATO.

The trajedy was to watch the once left wing MP Diane Abbott, defend the military intervention as well as arguing for Labour's  cut's.

The PDF magazine version of International Viewpoint for March is now published.

As there was so much material, we put all the material on Libya in a seperate supplement (around 40 pages) whilst the main magazine still comes in at 80 pages containing loads of material on women, Japan, nuclear power etc.

You can view them both here:

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