Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ken Loach endorses the Scottish Socialist Party manifesto

“I am very pleased to support the campaign of the SSP in the coming election” writes Ken Loach in the party’s 2011 manifesto which you can download here. He adds:

“All across Europe people are finding their jobs threatened, wages and benefits cut and the quality of life reduced. The great public institutions that have been built by past generations are now to be dismembered, sold off, privatised.

Blaming the bankers is not an adequate response. Socialists know that it is not individual greed but the very system itself that generates these disasters. Private corporations and banks will always put profit before people, otherwise they would not keep up with their competitors.

Only a party that starts from the independent interests of working people can begin to redress the balance. A secure job, care for the elderly, a good education independent of private interests, a fully funded health service, decent housing – these are not unreasonable demands. But now they are revolutionary. The system cannot allow them. Which other party, to take but one example, now calls for full employment?

Scotland has a long history of radical struggle, like the great cities of England. We should show solidarity with those around the world who fight for justice, peace and the rule of law.

Socialism is the heart of that. A strong vote for the SSP would be the best news for ordinary people wherever they live. And it would be brilliant for Scotland - you might find some of us were coming to work here even more than we do now!”

- Ken Loach

Thanks to Collective Resistance for this.

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