Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quiz your candidates!

In Worthing, Socialist Resistance calls for support for all anti-cuts candidates standing in the local elections.So far, 2 Labour prospective candidates have signed the anti-cuts pledge sent to all candidates by the Worthing Solidarity Network .These include Sue Marsh and Mike Barrett. We also understand 2 others standing for  Labour are also going to sign it. Hope they do.


Worthing Solidarity Campaign has asked all candidates standing in the Council elections to support this pledge. After all, they want our vote so let them earn it.:

Anti-Cuts Election pledge

If elected as a Councillor, I pledge to use my offices to:

  • Publicise the fact that public service cuts are wholly unnecessary, and are a political choice rather than necessity;
  • Publicise the fact that alternative and just sources of income are readily available to central Government to fund public services should it so choose;
  • Oppose and vote against any attempts to set Council budgets which will result in cuts to public services and local jobs;
  • Oppose and vote against any attempts to cut or privatise individual public services;
  • Oppose any attempts by fascist political parties to exploit the current crisis for their own advantage.

During my election campaign, I pledge to:

  • Publicise the need for an anti-cuts alternative at the ballot box;
  • Publicise the need for the anti-cuts vote to be maximised;
  • Work proactively and vigorously alongside Worthing Solidarity Network on measures to include but not limited to:
    • Anti-cuts public meetings at a ward level;
    • Production and distribution of election leaflets;
    • Attendance at and support for anti-cuts information stalls;
    • Media work to maximise turn out and the anti-cuts vote.

We believe that the electorate have every right to expect their local elected representatives to represent them by refusing to vote to cut and close local public services. The bankers caused the crises and local people should not be made to suffer as a result.

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