Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fighting the Cuts and local elections in Brighton and Worthing.

It is good to see that there are some principled anti-cuts prospective candidates standing in some wards, giving a voice to those fed up with the usual excuses, scapegoating and cuts policies presented by other parties. We have all had enough of the tweedle dee and tweedle dum approach of local and national elections. Hopefully, with wide support from local trade unionists, activists and residents, it can be shown that there is an alternative and we do not have to accept this rubbish that cuts are inevitable, the budget has to be reduced and we are all in this together. TUSC has a good tradition in Brighton of being open, democratic and inclusive. Locally it deserves our support. Please support these 3 excellent candidates. Wish there were more though.

Fighting the cuts at the ballot box! Your Hollingdean & Stanmer stop the cuts candidates

Why should we pay with cuts when...
  • The UK’s 1,000 richest people got 1/3 richer last year
  • Thats over £100 Billion, The cuts are £81 billion
  • Bank bonuses for those who caused the crisis continue
  • The rich got away without paying £120 Billion Tax last year

Cuts will mean...
  • Childrens Centre and nurseries under threat
  • Job losses in schools, support cut for vulnerable children
  • Privatisation of our NHS, Council job losses
  • Benefit slashed, people will lose their homes and income

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition Candidates

Phil is a local teacher and trade union activist who has been at the forefront of defending jobs and building the Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition. Tony has been an advisor and co-ordinator at the Unemployed Workers Centre in Hollingdean for over a decade. Dave is a former East Sussex Labour group leader who is disgusted by the way the party has turned against the working class.

Locally Labour allowed the Tories to pass a massive cuts budget; they think cuts should be carried out but slower. The Hollingdean Green candidates have admitted they will have to vote through cuts if
they lead the council.

We need councillors who will vote against ALL cuts and support our unions defending jobs.

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