Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brighton Celebrating Diversity, Opposing Racism

Sunday 24th April -Brighton Station

Message from Brighton anti-fascists and anti-racists:

On the 24th of April we are calling on the people of Brighton to do what they do best. To celebrate what they have in common and to celebrate what makes them different.

We will be protesting in opposition to a far right racist group, that plans to march through Brighton.

As Islamaphobes and racists plan to march through Brighton, under the guise of March for England, Brighton will come together to celebrate all that is good about... our diverse city, and to protest against the far right and racists views of a group of marchers coming from outside of Brighton.

This is an opportunity for all of us to show what  unites us and our multicultural city.

We have met with other groups wanting to show their opposition to the racism of March for England, and together we have agreed the best way to do this is to gather at Brighton station, by the bus stops, at 11 o'clock with banners and signs. the MfE march will be gathering at the station at 11.30, but the size of opposition to them in Brighton will be very clear.

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