Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal wedding-right royal waste

Oh no, here we go again. The media have gone into overdrive. What will she wear? What will the cake look like? Who will be doing what? Blah blah blah blah.etc etc etc. Oh such pathetic rubbish.

Now no one opposes the idea of 2 young people being in love and even getting married. We know that they are guaranteed a good future, whether the marriage lasts or not. After all neither of them is short of a few pounds. Yet enough is enough. Sorrounded by the rich, the remainders of the world aristocrats, (thankfully a dying breed) and even a few autocrats, they act as though they are doing us all a favour by getting married. Would you want this lot at your wedding? Enough to ruin the taste of the cake.

The royal invite to the Syrian ambassador has been withdrawn, no loss. Yet what about the amabassadors from Iran, North Korea and other lesser examples of  undemocratic states. They are still going. The other good news is that Tony Blair is not invited.  Does not wear the royal garter. Oh gosh!

Whilst her majesty's government implements cuts to public spending, millions of pounds are being wasted on this display of regal  waste. We are told it will create jobs, earn export income and give a good will feel to all of us. Poppycock. It is the biggest act of divertion to attempt to distract people from the real issues. If they were really concerned in creating jobs then invest in public services, cut Trident and stop funding illegal wars and illegal occupations.

So now let us get back to reality as quickly as possible and bring down this unelected Con Dem cabal and oppose the cuts. Turn Buckingham Palace into social housing and a community centre may be a good start.
Let us celebrate the eventual end of monarchy and the parasitic elite whose wealth was obtained by theft, military force and oppression of the people over centuries. Toast the Levellers instead.

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