Saturday, April 30, 2011

Worthing Solidarity Network campaigns against the cuts

Worthing Solidarity Network The Coalition Government, one year on:
 Increasing private provision in the NHS
 Trebling student tuition fees
 Increasing private provision of schools
 Attempts to privatise the Royal Mail and our forests
 Cutting the state pension by linking to CPI
 Putting VAT up to 20%
 Slashing public sector jobs and services
Cutting the NHS by £20bn And what this has already meant locally:
 Closing day centres for the old and disabled
 Closing youth centres
 Many other public sector job losses, depressing our local economy
 Potential closure of our theatres
And there’s much, much more to come. Estimates are that we have only yet seen about 10% of the cuts put into effect.
The national TUC-called protest of 500,000 people in March showed massive opposition to Cameron and Clegg. Their cuts are not necessary. By any historical comparison the current deficit is not large. In fact, Britain has only had a smaller deficit than the current one, as a proportion of GDP, for 50 of the last 250 years! These cuts are about achieving a ‘smaller state’ – by cutting and privatising – at the expense of the services our families and communities rely on.
Removing social care funding from disabled and elderly people So what next? We must use the May Local Elections to send a message to Cameron and Clegg! We need a different Government before the current one destroys everything we hold dear. Cameron and Clegg don’t have a mandate or a majority, and in Worthing we can do our bit on May 5th to maximise pressure on their Coalition.
1. Don’t vote Tory
2. Don’t vote Lib Dem
3. If you live in Selden Ward, vote for Mike Barrett. Mike is a Labour candidate who opposes all cuts and has pledged to vote and campaign against any attempts to cut or privatise local services. Mike is the only candidate to date to sign WSN’s "No Cuts" election pledge.
4. If you don’t live in Selden, quiz your candidate to find out where they stand on the cuts. Make sure they will stand up for you and your family and oppose all cuts if you give them your vote.

Get involved! Worthing Solidarity Network is Worthing’s own vibrant anti-cuts group.
We campaign and protest against all and every cut to our services and jobs, including a WSN stall every Saturday from 11am-2pm in Montague Place.
We meet fortnightly on Wednesday evenings, 8pm-10pm, in the upstairs room at the Downview pub, opposite West Worthing rail station. Next meetings are on 4th and 18th May. More details available from
WSN’s 4-step No To Cuts election advice...

Tel: 07733151116 Facebook: "Worthing Solidarity Network"

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