Friday, April 22, 2011

West Sussex Adult Services Select Cuts Committee cancels meeting and outrages campaigners

Oh for local democracy and the big society.-Thanks to Porkbolter for this report.

OUTRAGED campaigners against West Sussex care cuts have discovered that a key committee has cancelled its next meeting because of ‘lack of business’.

The West Sussex Adult Services Select Committee will not now be holding its published session on May 19 – and the next meeting is not until Thursday, 7th July!

Barry Pickthall of ‘Don’t Cut Us Out’ points out that the decision was taken the same week as:
* The Don't Cut Us Out campaign delivered a 10,000 strong petition forcing a debate on the whole subject of cuts to social care at the next Full Council meeting on May 13.

* The Council faces the prospect of having 2,000 disabled, elderly and their carers shouting 'Don't Cut Us Out' on their front steps at a protest the same morning.

* And is facing a £100,000 Judicial Review into how Adult Services mismanaged the ‘consultation’ process that preceded these cuts. A High Court decision announced this week forcing Birmingham City Council to backtrack on their care cuts to the disabled on very similar grounds to the West Sussex case, does not bode well for them.

* At its last meeting on March 1st, the Select Committee expressed deep concern for the way services were being withdrawn and what will happen to the disabled and elderly between now and when alternative Wellbeing hubs are expected to open in September. 

Mr Pickthall adds: “And they have nothing to discuss???? It’s brilliant!”

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