Saturday, April 9, 2011

Demonstrate Against Atos Healthcare - Brighton -Thursday April 14th 2-5pm-Churchill Square


The 3rd National Day of Protest Against Benefit Cuts has been called for April 14th 2011.
Millions are set to be affected by savage cuts to housing, disability, sickness and welfare benefits. People with disabilities, illness, the unemployed, single parents, carers the low waged, part time students, volunteers, homeless people and college students are all likely to see a devastating drop in disposable income with many slipping even further below the poverty line.

The poorest and most vulnerable are being asked to pay for the mistakes and extravagances of the richest. Meanwhile poverty pimps like Atos Origin and A4e are set to rake in hundreds of millions on government contracts to bully and intimidate people from claiming the pittance handed out in benefit payments. Many disabled people have threatened suicide if these cuts are allowed to continue. Some have tragically already carried out that threat.

The first two days of protest against benefit cuts have seen demonstrations, meetings, unemployed discos, public pantomimes and occupations in cities across the UK. Atos Origin have been forced to close offices, protesters have gathered inside and outside workfare sharks A4e and demonstrations have taken place from Downing Street to local town centres such as Lydney and Crawley.

We are fighting for our homes, our livelihoods, our very survival. It’s time to show these public school parasites and their poverty pimp collaborators we mean business.

Actions/events organised so far:

Thursday April 14th 2-5pm
Churchill Square Brighton

Brighton Benefits Campaign is a group of claimants and workers who campaign to bring together those in and out of work to fight against the Government’s welfare reforms.

The Brighton Benefits Campaign was launched in February 2010 in the face of continuing attacks on benefits and the welfare state and the increasing criminalisation of all those who claim. At a time when billions can be found for illegal wars and bank bail outs, the poorest and most vulnerable in the society are having to pay for a recession they never caused.

Rather than be used to drive down wages and be used as free labour, we aim to unite the unemployed and benefit claimants with workers, unions and other campaigns together to build a fight back.

We demand:
- an end to the privatisation of the benefit system
- an end to criminalisation of those on benefits
- an increase in benefits to ensure claimants can live above the poverty line
- no more job cuts but rather public investment to create jobs

We oppose ESA and demand a more humane benefit for the sick

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