Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another day another dollar for Mubarak-or is it?

So Mubarak wants to go but is concerned about possible chaos. It is his police, his henchmen and his corrupt officials causing the violence in a last ditch attempt to hold onto power. Here is some advice then as it is easy. Go back to Sharm El Sheikh, contact your nearest Israeli travel agent and stay with "friends", ( enemies of Palestinians) in the Israeli Government. They obviously want you.

How often have we been told during other struggles that the presence of reactionary forces is needed to maintain "peace"! Can't withdraw troops from N.Ireland as there will be a blood bath! Must stay in Iraq and Afghanistan to bring about stable civil government etc etc. Yet it is the illegal occupying forces denying people their rights, that has always been the cause of the violence.

In the meantime the US Administration is trying to hedge its bets as to which way it will go. Well the Egyptian masses have remained strong in their struggle for democracy, inspite of everything literally thrown at them. Today we will see the movement get even stronger. Again we salute the people in Tahrir Square, Alexandria, Suez and throughout the other cities and towns of Egypt who are standing firm against counter revolution.

The enemy is not "foreign forces" ,as stated by the Egyptian vice president yesterday. The enemy of the people in Egypt are those who have everything to lose as a result of the end of the Mubarak regime.The scenes in Yemen show that the movement has been internationalised and all despots are being shown the door.

Let us hope today is Mubarak's last day in office.

Stop The War



Saturday 5 February has been designated a day for international  
solidarity protests with the Egyptian uprising.

The London demonstration that assembles at the US Embassy in  
Grosvenor Square at 2.30pm is one of hundreds in towns and cities  
across the globe, from the United States to the Lebanon, from
Venezuela to the Netherlands, from Canada to Turkey, from  
Australia to the West Bank and Gaza.

The Egyptian uprising is now facing its pivotal moment, with  
Mubarak having unleashed his thugs to attack the pro-democracy
protesters. Mubarak is using state TV to spread the lie that the  
mass demonstrations calling for him to go are the work of  
"foreign elements".

The significance of international solidarity action across the
world cannot be over-stated. It sends a message to the millions  
who have joined the Egyptian protests that their courage and  
determination have been an inspiration to us all.

And it sends a message to our own government that it needs to
call for Hosni Mubarak to leave office immediately.

Making generalised statements deploring the violence, which has  
been David Cameron's response, will not do, in particular from a  
government, which like all those that preceded it, has up till
now given unqualified support to Mubarak's tyranny.

Tony Blair's statement this week that Mubarak is "immensely  
courageous and a force for good" was not just more raving from
the swivel-eyed former prime minister: it was until the Egyptian  
uprising the view of all British prime ministers.

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