Friday, February 11, 2011

Victory to the masses

18 days of struggle on the streets, strikes and self organisation has seen the end of Mubarak. From now on if anyone says, " it can't be done, it is human nature, the system can never be changed," then point them in the direction of Cairo and Tunisia.

The Mubarak regime is still in place but its days too are numbered. The Miltary Council must recognise that its ranks are no longer a solid monolith and the rank and file soldiers hear the demands of the people.
Workers are increasingly organising through independant trade unions . The tide is turning away from the old elite and their corrupt system.

What the future holds will now obviously depend on many things, but one thing we know and that is having tasted freedom, it will not be sacrificed so easily. The demands will now get louder as the next few days pass. How the army continues to respond will clearly depend on many factors but the dynamic has been set in place. Revolution is possible and gradual reforms is an excuse for maintaining the old order. Where it ends up is another matter but as is clearly obvious, there is no going back. Victory on the streets smells so sweet.

To those who say revolution is violent, the violence came from those attempting to defend the old order. The heroic youth of Tahrir Square used self defence against the attacks by the police, the thugs and Mubarak agents. The 300 murdered, the thousands arrested and the many tortured are the heroes of this struggle and will never be forgotten.

Whilst Cameron begrudgingly acknowledged change, Obama was more willing to recognise the developments, with an eye on US interests and future military contract orders. Israeli Ministers however can expect a very uncomftable period to come.

The Palestinians have gained new allies and seen the friend of the PA and Israel shown the door. Now their struggle for liberation will take on a new turn. Will the Egyptians relax border restrictions with Gaza  to relieve the siege and human suffering from their end? How will they respond to Israeli demands to maintain fully the present treaty or will it be torn up? No doubt we can expect further threats and acts of agression by the IDF. However only true peace will come with the end of the occupation and liberation from the Zionist regime.

Today we celebrate the victory of the Egyptian masses. We are sure there will be new victories to come across the whole region. Add to this the struggles in Europe against the austerity measures of the IMF and you have a new ingrediant for the international movement for social, political and economic revolution.

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