Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Solidarity with the Egyptian workers and students

Is the army going in to clear Tahrir Square today? Will there be further attempts to forment counter revolution? What is the next step that will be taken by the workers and students in their heroic struggle?

As the events unfold, we are being reminded of the violent acts that supporters of the old regime will endeavor to take in holding onto power. Paid thugs, criminals, police spies and others have all been thrown at the masses yet they continued throughout the night to defend themselves bravely, inspite of these vicious attacks. We salute these brave fighters of the revolution.

Mubarak is determined to hold onto power at any price. The army generals initially appeared neutral but clearly they are not. They fear the masses on the streets just as much. In the meantime Cameron and Obama call for a peaceful transition, what ever that means? How about stopping the funding NOW to the Mubarak regime of arms being turned on his own people!

In the meantime, Mubarak continues to have the agreement of the Israelis to enter the Sinai and protect the border with Gaza, to prevent further acts of solidarity spilling over. Yet the Palestinians and Jordanian masses are not sitting back. They know their destiny is interlocked with the victory of the Arab masses in opposing the despots.

Ever since 1948, Palestinians have suffered injustice after injustice, denied their basic right to national self determination, whilst oil rich despots make deals with the West. One by one, these despots are now being shown the door by their own people. Hopefully this will be sooner rather than later.

Tariq Ali, in his recent article in Counterpunch - An Arab 1848 refers to

"The Events of the Last Month Mark the First Real Revival of the Arab World Since the Defeat of 1967"

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