Monday, February 21, 2011

Stop the racists marching in Brighton on 24th April

You think they would have learnt their lesson by now but no. Once again the racists, under the banner, "March For England", are planning to be on the streets to spread their message of hate on April 24th in Brighton.. Last time they mobilised 100 approx ,who were sorrounded by 500 plus anti-fascists.Hopefully even more will be on the streets showing them the door.

On their facebook page ,they claim not to be racist and do not welcome the EDL or others. They would say that. Yet their message remains the same, English nationalism and mythology regarding  ayrian purity.  So nice to see them at war with each other over who is to be the reich fuhrer if they had their way. Which they won't.

Given the recent arson attack on Haywards Heath mosque, the rise in Islamaphobia and Cameron's opposition to multi-culturalism, this event will not go away nor will it be unchallenged. The anti-fascist  and anti- racist movement in Sussex, including the UAF, will be mobilising along with others to make it clear that Brighton is proud of being a multi-racial and multi-cultural society.

Now no doubt there will be some who will say,  "free speech, let them have their say". Well we know what happens when you turn a blind eye to racism and fascism. They will not go unchallenged.

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