Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rat infestation at No 10 - Cameron gives fat cats a bad name

Poor Larry. Happy as a lamb one day then brought in to sort out the rats in No 10 the next day. Trouble is, will Larry be sent to Spec Savers so that he can distinguish between the 2 legged and 4 legged variety, or will he be allowed a break when Cabinet meetings are over?

We need to know if Larry is paid on a commission basis and whether he will be declaring his earnings. Perhaps, like the rest of them, he is registered for tax in an off share tax haven somewhere.

Does Cameron know Larry is secretly a signed up member of Cats Against the Cuts or has MI5 vetted him!
Anyway, why chase off the rats as they will always naturally hang around a pile of rubbish, so perhaps the Con Dems should permanently vacate No 10 and do us all a favour. After all there never was a majority for the coalition as such.

Typical of the Tories, using divide and rule to make cats fight other animals just so an elite can maintain power. Perhaps this is an attempt to sort out the Lib Dem rats , who knows?

Will Larry be IT trained so he can use the mouse to read his emails and discover if he has been made redundant! Do not oppress cats Cameron and do recognise that they are also multi-cultural.

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