Saturday, February 12, 2011

So we are all in this together-not. Especially if you are in West Sussex

£80 million cuts have been announced by West Sussex County Council. So if you are young, elderly, dependant on Social Services or just poor then watch out. Con Dem cutters have just issued their latest instalment of attacks on the weakest in society.

  • £30.87 million from all adult services.

  • £6 million from children and family services

  • £2 million from the youth services

  • Crawley not to have a new fire station

  • Special Education Needs grants slashed, seriously affecting local schools.

Labour Councillors, instead of leading the fightback in a rigorous manner, simply moved amendments which were defeated to spread the same cuts over 4 years, not 3 and to replace some cuts with less harsh ones! As though there can be a less hurtful cut, unless they are suggesting a cut to Trident and illegal wars in Afghanistan!

As a result of this 1300 jobs are now at risk and front line services are facing decimation.

Youth campaigner Sumon Ahmed went along to the meeting and said afterwards: “I am very disappointed."The sad thing is these people are here to represent us, they were elected by the residents of West Sussex. From the campaigning which has been going on since these cuts were proposed it has been clear the cuts to youth centres were not wanted, but they have not listened. It is demoralising."

Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary, said:
"Coupled with announcements of big job losses in the private sector these 150,059 jobs under threat at 260 councils is really bad news. The figure for jobs under threat in the public sector just keeps going up. The Government can not blame the snow for this bad news. It is very worrying that the economy is being run as a "a one trick pony" show.

The government is deliberately creating unemployment on a scale that we have not seen before. The government spending plans not only threatens these 150,059 council posts and job losses in the rest of the public sector but there are additional job losses in the voluntary sector funded by public sector grants and in the outsourced private sector."

Are but they keep reminding us that we are all in it together. Well fine if you are a millionaire but not fine if you are less fortunate.

In the meantime, Brighton and Hove Council have opted for a con. 1% Council tax cut and lower parking permit prices. Wow. Go for an election win now and then see an expected 250 jobs plus over £34 million to be cut later on in the year. They must think we are stupid! Well they will soon find out what happens to those who ignore the people and pursue their own greedy agenda? The ex pharaoh of Egypt, Mubarak, tried to treat his people as stupid and look what happened to him.

The local unions, user groups and anti-cuts committees across the region will be joining with others on the  March 26th   TUC Day of Action against these and other cuts. Join us.

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