Friday, February 18, 2011

Breaking up hurts, especially over AV

So Clegg and Cameron are going their own way on AV. Clegg for AV and Cameron for the status quo.Well it is most strange to hear that the arguement that Cleg uses for AV is that, " we don't always get the MP we voted for". He suggests that AV would ensure better representation. Well only 47% of the electorate voted for the Con Dems and a coalition government was never part of their manifestos.

However these 2 partners of a government committed to attacking working people, the poor and the weak in our society, intend to continue with their attacks after the referendum is over, irrespective of the outcome. AV is not PR, being a very poor version of it.

Whilst some view this as a matter of principle and a do or die issue, will it actually change the outcome? The bankers will continue to make their profits, their bonuses will still be paid and the cuts will continue to bite hard.

No, this is not a blog against PR but a question as to whether AV will make much difference? Some think not.Perhaps those campaigning hard on AV to get elected should be asked to campaign even harder to fight the cuts and support those fighting the Con Dems .

What ever the outcome of the referendum will be, the Con Dems will make up with each other and carry on cutting. Clegg and Cameron will not break up over AV. In the Middle East, in the meantime, the people continue their heoic struggles against undemocratic and despotic regimes. These regimes continue to be armed under export licences by Britain and other governments, AV or no AV.

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