Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Socialists must never collaborate with oppressive regimes or they can no longer be described as liberationists

Last week, this blog published a statement by Uri Avnery, as part of the debate on the issue of Palestine and the developments in the region. As the Arab masses struggle against their own despots and dictators, so the Palestinians face oppression from the Zionist state, reinforced by the actions taken by the Palestinian Authority.

Tony Greenstein has written an excellent article and reproduced a response to Uri by Tikva  Honig -Parnass, an Israeli anti-Zionist. Whilst Uri has opposed the settlements and occupation , he takes a different approach to the actions of the Palestinian Authority. Socialists opposing oppression have to be consistent.

Due to  length only, the article has not been published here but do log on to Tony's blog and read it.


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