Wednesday, February 23, 2011

From Athens to Lambeth-this is what democracy looks like.

300 local workers, youth and residents occupied Lambeth Town Hall and turned the cuts budget meeting last night  into an anti-cuts peoples assembly. Labour councillors, instead of staying and turning to the people for support in refusing to implement the Con Dem cuts, did what one has grown used to expect, ran. They went and had a private meeting, where they voted their cuts budget through . This will not be forgotten or forgiven by local people come the next election.

How quickly workers across the world are turning to international solidarity. So much for those who peddle the bankrupt ideas saying history, class and class struggle is dead. Neo-liberalism is being rejected across regions and continents as international working class solidarity is once again asserting itself.

From Athens to Lambeth, Libya to Yemen and now Wisconsin , workers are fighting back against the austerity cuts agenda . Ocupations, mass meetings, demonstrations and strikes is the growing response of people power to bankers power. "That is what real democracy looks like " is becoming a popular chant as more and more turn on their failed politicians, who have sold them out.

300,000 marched in Athens yesterday during the General Strike against their government's and IMF  austerity measures. In the meantime in America, some are asking if California will follow Wisconsin?


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