Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cameron plays the racist card

 On the day that the racists, Islamaphobics and fascists march in Luton, Cameron attacks multiculturalism. Once again the Tories play the racist card to win popularity whilst their savage cuts decimate public services. Those who look to the EDL for simple answers must ask themselves who is to blame for the attacks on working people? Is it the innocent victims of racism? No! It is the very governement that is using this crude form of racist politics to get away with their austerity measures.

If youth are radicalised, illegal wars and atrocities do not help. Cameron, that is the experience that many in the World have of the reality of so-called "British values". Now the EDL supporters claim they have the support of the P.M. " He believes what we believe", is what they will claim with new found confidence to spread even more racism. Where will Cameron be when race hate crimes and violent attacks are made on members of the various ethnic communities as a result?

Unemployment rises to 2.5 million, interest rate rises likely to be hiked up, inflation increasing and all Cameron can offer is more pain and agony for workers and the increasing numbers in poverty. Repossessions are on the up yet the Barclay's CEO,Bob Diamond,  expects to gain a payout bonus of £9 million!

The old game of scapegoating is now in season but enough people reject this turn to reactionary politics and see it for what it is, an attempt to prop up a lousy and corrupt system for the priveleged few . Just as it is being rejected in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere, so also in Europe. It is the same fight against the same rotten system. No amount of manouvres by the Western Governments will postpone the inevitable victories in Egypt, just as no amount of scapegoating will fool a majority of working people in Europe. The City and bankers caused the crises and they are the ones who must be made to pay for it.

That is why we call for all out support for the TUC Day of Action on 26th March. Perhaps if only the Labour front bench was more vociferous on these and many other issues, quicker to oppose all cuts, then there would be less racist and Islamaphobic hysteria on our streets!

All the racist card has to offer is divide and rule. Bankers gain whilst racists march. In the meantime working people get poorer and innocent Muslims are facing racist attacks.

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