Monday, February 14, 2011

Arson attack on mosque in Haywards Heath

This is what happens when Cameron and other politicians argue that multi-culturalism is not working.

This is what happens when the EDL go unchallenged in their Islamaphobic campaign.

This is the price one pays as a society when scapegoating is seen as acceptable.

This is the effect of racists and fascists marching unchallenged on our streets.

In Harrow and elsewhere it took thousands on the streets to protect the mosques.The tabloids and media hacks who put out daily articles attacking Muslims and multi-culturalism are just as guilty of stirring up racism, as are those politicians who promote it. They are just as guilty  and more so.  This is the price that is paid for Cameron making a speech attacking multi-culturalism on the same day that the EDL marched in Luton.  

Three men charged with Haywards Heath arson

14 February 2011

Three men have been charged with arson following a fire at Haywards Heath Mosque in the early hours of yesterday (Sunday 13 February).

Josh Morris, 19, of Sussex Road, Haywards Heath, James Smith, 19, of St Andrew's Road, Burgess Hill, and James Everley, 19, of Broadwood Rise, Crawley, have all been charged with arson, theft and causing fear of unlawful violence and are due to appear at Crawley Magistrates' Court this morning (14 February).

A 17-year-old boy from Burgess Hill arrested on suspicion of arson, theft and causing fear of unlawful violence has been bailed until 29 March pending further enquiries.

Police were called at 2.08am following a report to the fire service that there had been a fire at a mosque in Wivelsfield Road, Haywards Heath.

The fire had been put out on police arrival and four males were arrested nearby.

Chief Inspector Ed de la Rue, District Commander for Mid Sussex District, said: "Four males were quickly arrested by officers in the area and we are working with the users of the mosque and local residents to offer them support."

The anti-fascist and anti-racist movement in Sussex will not stand by and allow fascist and racist attacks to go unchallenged. We will remain vigilant in solidarity with our Muslim sisters and brothers in the fight against fascist and racist attacks. 

We will defend multi-culturalism and reject the use of scapegoats.

Only mass mobilisations of local anti-fascists and anti-racists, local community groups and the local labour movement, in solidarity with all members of all ethnic community groups, can prevent this poison from spreading.

Never again. We know what this led to in Nazi Germany. It won't happen here.

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