Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pro-democracy campaigners face violent attacks yet their struggle continues.

Inspite of violent police attacks last night on the pro-democracy camp in Pearl Square, Manama, resulting in at least two deaths and many arrests, the struggle continues. The demands for regime change, democratic rights, end to the monarchy and freedom will not be silenced by truncheons, rubber bullets and riot squads.

The King promised reform the previous night and then in the middle of the night  the police were sent in to violently attack peaceful and unarmed demonstrators, knowing many would be asleep . The blood on the streets of Manama today reminds us all that these despots will not just give up easily and walk away but intend to hold onto power at any price. This followed similar attempts to crackdown on demonstrators in both Libya and Iran .

Washington failed to maintain consistency in its approach, given the strategic importance of the region for its Fifth Fleet naval base located off the coast of Bahrain.  The Al-Khalifa family of King Hamad may smile nicely at the F1 race next month, if it goes ahead but the people will not.

3 faces of Bahrain

The struggle for freedom will only get stronger across the region inspite of the attempts by corrupt despots and their backers to hold onto power. We must continue to show solidarity with the brave people in this fight.

A video worth watching

This is the most popular song to emerge from the Egyptian pro-democracy uprising and vividly captures the mood of freedom and hope that is ripening in the region. People are also demanding freedom, justice and democracy in Libya, Yemen and Iran.

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