Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stand by the Libyan masses in their fight for freedom.

Witnesses have informed Aljazeera that a plane load of mercenaries have flown in the early morning from Harare airport, Zimbabwe heading for Libya. They intend to join other murdering mercenaries in being the last bastion of defence for the murderous Gaddafi regime.


Using his oil wealth stolen from the Libyan people, Gaddafi is trying to hold on to power, having murdered hundreds of innocent civilians marching heroically for freedom. How many more will be killed and injured before this nightmare is finally ended? Hopefully as more and more of the military rebel and many others align with the masses in their struggle, his days are numbered.

In the meantime NMS International, a British arms firm, has trained Libyan police on riot control and arranged to sell military equipment which have been deployed against Libyans peacefully demanding freedom and the end of the Gaddafi regime.

According to reports in the Guardian today, one of their directors, Louis Oliver said, " What we have taught them is the British policing system and using an escalated response and not carrying any lethal weapons". He further added how this involved " giving rioters lots and lots of warnings " before they used more forceful weapons. Tell that to the people!

When Cameron visited Cairo, it is reported that his delegation included representatives of arms exporters. When will it end. Will these arms then be turned on Egyptians as they campaign for the end of military rule, the immediate release of political prisoners and the implementation of free elections?

The only ethical foreign policy we should adopt is a total end to this arms trade and a total boycott of trade with despots. Yet at Idex 2011arms trade fair in Abu Dhabi. this blood trade continues, business as normal. British firms continue to sell weapons of death, inspite of the withdrawal of 44 export licences. No doubt trade from other countries will fill any void. As these blood suckers say,"oh what a lovely war, loads of dosh to be made". This business is worth approximately £7.2 billion a year. What is the value of the murdered Libyans worth? These companies should be made to pay compensation to all the victims of their blood profits.

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