Monday, February 14, 2011

Back to normal-never. Stand by the Revolution.

It is strange how the establishment believe they can get things back to business as usual. The Egyptian Military Council, the corrupt politicians and the US Administration all expecting that people will go back to having short memories, forgive and forget, postponing change.

Well this is not just going to happen according to a plan laid down in Washington. The Revolution and its gains will not just melt away and allow a new set of crooks to take over from the old ones. The youth will maintain their position in Tahrir Square and the message is spreading across the Middle East faster than a tsunami.

The military police may have some new found confidence but will find any attempts to break up the pro-democracy demonstrators will spark off another round in the struggle. A refusal to announce an interim led civilian government , threats to crack down on strikes and the use of force will not turn the clock back.

Yemen, Algeria and Jordan have seen the new Arab Revolt spreading speedily. As for the Palestinians, their struggle against the occupation is about to reach a new level with the resignation of PA Ministers. The days of collaboration and sell outs are coming to an end and a new mood for resistance to Zionist occupation is emerging.

Fox News may try to imply this is all a conspiracy by a few Eco Socialists in the UK stirring up trouble, but this really shows how ignorant some are about the causes of the recent events. Decades of  dictatorships selling out the interests of the Arab masses to the Imperialist and Colonialist powers pushing everything aside for oil and lucrative military arms contracts has resulted in the poverty and oppression across the region. The masses have new confidence in their ability to replace these self serving despots .

So a warning to those who believe they can restore the old order and suppress opposition. 2 dictators have fallen and more to go.

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