Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mugabe does a Gaddafi-urgent messages of solidarity needed.

Mugabe arrests leading member of International Socialist Organisation of Zimbabwe and 51 others at meeting in Harare to discuss revolution in the Middle East.
21 February 2011
On the 19Th February , a leading member of the International Socialist Organisation of Zimbabwe,  Munyaradzi Gwisai and 51 others, including students and workers  were arrested in Harare during a unpublicised meeting held to discuss revolution in the Middle East.  They are still being held and will have to be charged today if they are to be held in detention any further. It is believed they will be charged for conspiring against the state and number of them have been beaten physically by their police  interrogators.
The DLF stands in solidarity with our comrades in Zimbabwe and all those people fighting against the repressive and dictatorial regime headed by Mugabe.  It is clear the despots on our own borders  fear the prospect of  the winds of massive civil disobedience that is rocking the Middle East will travel down South and confine them to the dustbin of history.   
The DLF will not stand idly by if treason charges are laid, we will not hesitate in establishing a defence campaign to drop the charges and have the prisoners released.       
Gwisai is currently living between Zimbabwe and South  Africa and has been actively involved in the Gauteng region and national launch of the DLF. He is a former MDC MP, and the Director of the Labour Law Centre, attached to the University of   Zimbabwe.    
  1. Phone and complain to the Harare Central police station where they are being detained +263-4-777-777;
  2. Send letters of complaint to the representatives of the Zimbabwean government in South Africa
    1. Ambassador. Mr P Mphoko, fax - 012 342 5126
    2. Consul General  Mr. C Mapanga, fax - 011 838 5620

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