Friday, February 25, 2011

Enough is enough, the fightback is spreading.Solidarity is the word.

As the struggle for freedom and liberation spreads across the  Middle East, there are those such as Gaddafi who blame it all on drugs, sex and rock and roll. Don't know about you, but the latest images suggest he is the only one who is stoned whilst his people liberate more and more of Libya from his murderous rule. His parents should have warned him about hallucinagenic drugs! Unfortunately his best friends in the WRP didn't. Shame on them for peddling his lies. Libyans will be the last to buy Newsline!

Oh what a day I have had.

How I do so admire Lizzie.
 I seem to have mislaid my
wedding invite.

In the meantime reports come in of a Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia, solidarity demos in Algeria and further mass mobilisations across the region.

The last thing the people of Libya need is western military intervention. Have we not seen how that worked out in Iraq and Afghanistan! Millions dead, tortured and maimed by western arms. Our job must be to maximise solidarity with the people in liberating themselves and oppose our own governments, who have armed these despots and dictators for the past 40 years or so.

In Haringay and Lambeth, local workers, youth and residents joined in with this resistance by actively opposing the Con Dem cuts being imposed on them. If only Labour councillors stopped giving the usual pathetic excuses for cuts and stood by the communities they claim to represent.

Haringay and Lambeth say no to cuts.

Video of 150 protesters holding "People's Assembly" in Town Hall

Now on to London 26th March TUC  demo. Let us kick these arm sellers out of office for once and for all.

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