Thursday, March 17, 2011

All together for the NHS

Local campaigners from the Worthing Solidarity Network campaigning
against the proposed cuts and closures to local hospitals .

The campaign to save the NHS from the dismantling signalled by the Health and
Social Care Bill took an interesting turn at the weekend as Liberal Democrats
queued up to denounce the proposals, and the Government appeared to send mixed
messages about the extent to which they might be persuaded to change course.

Unions from across the health sector have been working hard with other
campaigners and patients groups to expose the dangers posed by the Bill. Under
the banner of ‘All Together for the NHS’, unions representing nurses,
doctors, midwives, physiotherapists, radiographers, support staff, paramedics,
managers and many more are coming together to call on the Government to think
again. The key arguments behind the campaign are here.

Friday 1st April will be ‘All Together for the NHS day’, with health workers
and service users getting together to lobby key MPs in their constituencies and
campaigning to raise the profile of the issue through events all over the country.

Even the BMA rejects the health reforms! Great news. So who is for them? Oh yes, the Tories, as is expected, speculators obviously, and then there is that terribly confused man who thinks he is a radical, Nick Clegg (sick). Clearly suffering from the after effects of polishing Cameron's boots and inhaling the polish!

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