Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Palestinians unite in struggle but their leaders continue with business as normal.

More than 200,000 Palestinians in Gaza gathered in Al-Khatib Square after Hamas protesters drove those calling for unity out of the Square of the Unknown Soldier. Witnesses said Hamas supporters numbered approximately 200, had set up a stage for speeches and carried party flags. Organizers, calling for an end of division starting with a newly elected Palestinian National Council, the supreme body of the PLO, asked that only Palestinian and no factional flags be present at the demonstration.

The March 15 Youth Coalition in Gaza said violence in Gaza City broke out when some 200 Hamas supporters in the Square of the Unknown Soldier carried party flags and beat up protesters who had called for only the national flag. Security forces had set up hundreds of barriers around the square and they beat people with batons and set fire to their tents. Protesters then gathered in Al-Khatib Square. Women and children were very present in the protests, as shown in the videos and pictures below.
Not to be outdone, the Palestinian Authority attacked protesters in Ramallah. The few thousand protesters in Ramallah had by evening staged a sit in singing and lighting hundreds of candles in defiance of the security forces. Maan News is now reporting that tear gas was fired at them and two were shot with tasers, along with other reports of security forces handing out food to Ramallah supporters. Reportedly 20 protesters of the roughly 1000 left in Ramallah are on a hunger strike.
Hamas and Fateh had both previously pledged to protect the unity rallies. Gaza's Hamas premier Ismail Haniyeh responded to the protests by inviting his rival, Fateh president Mahmoud Abbas, to talk. "I invite the president, brother Abu Mazen (Abbas), and Fatah to an immediate meeting here in Gaza ... to start national dialogue in order to achieve reconciliation," Haniya said in a live broadcast after an emergency meeting of his government.

And Abbas proposed holding elections "as soon as possible" in order to end the division. "I am with the people and in favour of going back to the people to put an end to the divisions through presidential and parliamentary elections," he said after talks in Ramallah with Cypriot President Demetris Christofias.



In the meantime the SAUDI troops are used to defend the Bahrain despots against the people.
Thousands of anti-government protesters demonstrate Tuesday, March 15, 2011, outside the Saudi Embassy in Manama, Bahrain. Frenzied clashes swept Bahrain Tuesday, a day after a Saudi-led military force entered the country to defend its Sunni monarchy from a Shiite-led protest movement. Hundreds of demonstrators were injured by shotgun blasts and clubs, a doctor said. (AP Photo/Hasan Jamali)

1000 Saudi led troops, involving military  forces from other Gulf States, have gone to put down opposition there as a way of preventing the revolts from spreading. No wonder they can not come to the aid of the Libyan people, as their priority is to save their own arses.

The people of Manama, Gaza and Ramalla are all struggling for the same thing- Freedom and Democracy. They deserve our full support. The only ones to gain from all this are the dictators, the Zionists, the arms sellers and Western governments.

However, at least it is far clearer as to who is on what side. The people won't forget this and their struggles are far from over. They will continue to rise up against the whole darn lot. Now all those governments have blood on their hands. The blood of their own people.

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