Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No fly zone no way.

When planning a trip abroad and searching out hotels, most people either go to the internet or a travel company. But Colonel Blimp and the British Forign Office are different. Landing at 2a.m. , from a noisy helicopter, with 8 heavily armed soldiers and a civil servant, no doubt with a bowler hat and umbrella, they seek out rooms. What a farce. Reminds me of a scene from Grahame Greene's book, "Our Man in Havana".

No wonder the locals, fearing a Gaddafi attack, arrested them. The intercepted interview between the British amabassador and the Bengazi minister beggers believe. "I wasnt aware of that", when informed of their poor timing.

Our Foreign Minister claimed that he "takes full ministerial responsability". No doubt that means like the bankers, a bonus for failing in his duty. The British and Americans are planning a no fly  zone resolution at the UN, talking up tough action and insisting on a resolution to the Palestine-Israel situation. Yet wasn't the US busy 2 weeks ago vetoing the UN vote on illegal settlements on the West Bank? So much for a just peace.

No mention was made in William Hague's speech of the situation in Saudi Arabia, or is he planning to send the Duke of York back as a peace envoy and told to earn his upkeep from the State. What a scrounger he turned out to be. As someone once said, you are known by your friends and his was a convicted paedo.

Yes we can send humanitarian aid through many organisations, and we should. Yes we can do all we should to help spread the message of the rebellion and make it a success . However, sending troops in to "protect and defend", no. What and who are we defending, the people who for too long the British and US ignored as they signed deals with Gadaffi! The oil supplies and pipelines is more likely to be the priority. Remember what happened to Iraqi oil when the US went in and who got their hands on it? Not ordinary Iraqi's but western companies. They made a fortune whilst many continue to this day to suffer.

Reports of more money the Gadaffi regime stole from Libyans turning up at British Universities and the willingness to accept it on spurious grounds, says more about the state of the management and running of some of our so-called elite institutions  today. How many more took the dosh on "academic grounds"? Hopefully the students will continue finding out more and demanding of their Chancellors that they "open the books". Yet didn't Tony Blair and co promise us transparency at the time?

No, if we want to help the struggles in the region, we do not send in troops, especially with our Imperialist and colonialist track record. Nor do we continue to collaborate and trade with the reactionary regimes across the region.

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