Monday, March 14, 2011

The party in the "radical centre" or in deep sh..

"Left a bit, right a bit, centre
 -cut, cut and cut".

According to Clegg, the Lib Dems are now in the "radical centre", reconnecting with "alarm clock Britain". Where does he get this rubbish from? Who wrote the nonsense for him, or is it all his own work? Talking to the "convention of sell-outs and betrayers" in Sheffield at their Lib Dem conference, the least popular man in Britain, (next to Cameron, Gove and the other Cabinet scum) tried to suggest he was able to offer something different to the "tribalism of the Left and Right".

He claims that his party is not heirs to Thatcher yet sits in a coalition government that no one voted for, passing down policies that never appeared in their manifesto, destroying the Welfare State, jobs and public sector services. Clearly the bankers he now defends will thank him for his hard work in ensuring the Conservatives can put their class interests first.

The only radicals present in Sheffield were those outside the hall demonstrating against the cuts his party now resides over. Trade unionists, students, the unemployed , pensioners , along with the the weak and vulnerable in our society ,will know if they hadn't before to never trust a Lib Dem. At least we expected the Tories to put the City and profits first and last. Many suspected the same of the likes of Clegg and won't easily forget it. The loss of the deposit and being dumped in 6th place at the bye -election is what Clegg can come to expect more off.
The real radicals are the ones in the centre and those planning to march in London on the TUC demo on the 26th against all cuts in public services, privatisations and job losses.

Even his own party condemned the NHS reforms as "damaging and unjustified". Clegg talked about safeguards to minimise the abuses of privatisation. He clearly and deliberately missed the point. The Langsley proposals have to be thrown out. On the streets across Britain, people are campaigning to keep the NHS safe and to oppose any attempts at privatisation. No one trusts their promises at all .

Yet at least be original Clegg as this is plagiarised straight out of the mouth of Tony Blair. Tony muttered the same nonsense in 1996, when speaking to the Anglo American Conference.

"I am a radical. I believe the centre can be fertile ground for radical politics. The extremes whether of left or right simply will not meet the real challenge. A modern party to be successful . . . must be in the centre, speaking for the mainstream majority."

We can all see where this lead to: illegal wars, City fat cats, further privatisations, Private Finance Initiatives that failed and tax loop holes. Tim Rathbone, the Tory MP for Lewes at the time said, "He is prepared to do anything for power."  Does the same comment today equally apply to Clegg? Ofcourse it does.

As for the other so-called Lib Dem radicals, what about the young and so-called dynamic Schools Minister, Sarah Tether. In the Brent East bye election at the time,she refused to call forthe  immediate withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan at the hustings, pledged herself to not raising tuition fees before the last election, endorsed a range of campaigns and now in the best radical tradition of  Liberals, votes in cuts. How do these people sleep at night?

Well we too have a radical solution. On March 26th, along with millions of trade unionists on the streets of London , we will all show enough is enough, so join us against the Con Dems .  Come on the TUC demo. So much for their fancy and meaningless words which fool no one. They are liars and cutters and deserve to be discarded ,the sooner the better.

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