Monday, March 7, 2011

Left Out in the Cold

Please pass this on from diary of  benefit scrounger blog.

On the eve of the second reading of the government’s controversial Welfare Reform Bill on 9th March, this stark image of disabled campaigner Kaliya Franklin aims to convey in the most powerful way, how vulnerable some of the bills proposals will leave sick and disabled people across the UK.

Just like Franklin’s wheelchair in the image, social care and support will be left out of reach for many of those most in need if these reforms go ahead, literally leaving many “Out in the Cold.” The Left Out in the Cold Campaign  is the work of Broken of Britain who decided to use this one thought provoking image to make their point. The sick and disabled are often left voiceless in society, and they hope that the use of a single picture might reflect this.

Please share this image everywhere. Once again, you can use the Facebook and Twitter buttons on this site, send it to your MP, or send it to those who don't yet know about the cuts to sickness and disability support. This link : is the press release as it was sent to me and contains all the information about tomorrow's bill and the areas we will be opposing. 

I hope there won't be anyone in the country who hasn't seen this picture by the end of today.

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