Saturday, March 5, 2011

Zawiya will be free and Brega remains defended. Support the Libyan masses in liberating themselves.

Saudi security troops sent in to put down protests. 

Since writing this report, Gaddafi's tanks are attempting to recapture the town. The Arab League leaders continue to plan the defence of their own rotten kingdoms and the people of the region continue in their struggle for freedom.


Reports are coming in that Zawiya has liberated itself, without the aid of a no fly zone or foreign armies. A mainly civilian based and poorly armed group of fighters have once again thrown back attacks by heavily armed Gaddafi soldiers and mercenaries. 3 tanks captured after continuous heavy attacks, is a serious blow to the moral of Gaddafi and his murderous henchmen.

A Zawiya resident identified only as Mohamed told Reuters by telephone Friday."People used swords and hunting rifles to defend Martyrs Square. Even mothers used those weapons," he added.

According to Associated Press, a witness at Zawiya's hospital said that 18 people had been killed and 120 wounded. Another resident told Reuters that between 40 and 50 people were killed in the clashes.

In the meantime, whilst these brave and heroic fighters struggle for the liberation of Libya , Saudi leaders plan to send in the full force of the state to put down any opposition to their own corrupt dictatorship. 10,000 security police have been mobilised to put down demonstration planned in various Northern parts of the country in order to protect the oil profits.

King Abdullah and the House of Saud are appealing to the Bahrain leaders to similarly put down the opposition there or he will consider doing it himself. President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in the Yemen, similarly turned his back on the demands for democratic reforms by ordering his troops to shoot demonstrators.

The leaders of these regimes are doing to their own people what they have done to Palestinians for decades, turning their backs on them in their time of need. But this time they are pressing the trigger. Ofcourse the Arab League will be slow to come to the defence of the Libyan people, as they are too busy saving their own rotten necks whilst blood runs in the streets, c/o  bullets purchased from Britain and other exporters of death.

We hear that Blackwatch  troops are being possibly prepared to go into Libya. Whether there is to be some type of uniliateral or multi-lateral intervention by the UK/US/ NATO it is too early to say. Troops first went into Belfast on a so-called peace keeping agenda and look where that ended up! "Humanitarian peace keeping " resulted in the partition of Palestine and the establishment of the Zionist state in 1948. Haven't we learnt from our failed imperialist past?  

Perhaps on the long flight to Libya, troops will be reading the WRP press or listening to speeches by Chavez to entertain themselves, instead of the usual on flight film?

The most effective way to help the Libyan masses and the Arab revolution is to oppose our own governments, who are equally responsible for supporting and maintaining these desperate and murderous despots .

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