Saturday, March 12, 2011

Arab League calls for No Fly Zone to protect what? Themselves!

So the Arab League calls on the UN to implement a No Fly Zone over Libya. Why suddenly now? Is it to do something concrete to aid the Libyan masses in their struggles against the Gaddafi regime? Or is it to protect their own backs and stabilise the region for their own interests, in the face of revolution and mass demonstrations at home against the corrupt and despotic rulers in Yemen, Bahrain and elsewhere?

The League, infamous for its betrayal over 60 years of the Palestinian struggle against Zionism, with leaders who have shot, murdered and tortured their own people, suddenly wake up and call on the UN to help enforce some " protection for Libyans". What about all the jet fighters and arms they have been buying up from the West? Too busy protecting their own military rule and needing the guns to defend their own palaces!

So when there is rebellion at home, nothing like a good war abroad to attempt to divert their own people and maintain their positions. However, this time, unlike Europe in 1914, it is doubtful that this little trick will work. From across the Middle East, the message is very clear. The best way to show solidarity with the Libyan people is to bring down your own despots at home. "Spread the revolution and extend it till they are all brought down", is the message that millions are shouting out loudly.

In endorsing the alternative Libyan National Council against Gaddafi, the 22 members of the Arab League asks the United Nations to shoulder its responsibility … to impose a no-fly zone over the movement of Libyan military planes and to create safe zones in the places vulnerable to airstrikes,” said a League statement released after the emergency session.

League Secretary-General Amr Moussa stressed in remarks afterward that a no-fly zone was intended as a humanitarian measure to protect Libyan civilians and foreigners in the country and not as a military intervention. So now having endorsements from the League, the US / UK/ NATO/ UN can intervene with some so -called legitimate reason.In the meantime, the member governments of the Arab League feel free to continue to ignore and attempt to deny ,the democratic calls in their own countries. Oh what a lovely war. 1914 all over again.

In Britain we are told there is no money for the NHS, Education, State Pensions and the Welfare State. No doubt the bankers see further investment opportunities emerging from this. Prince Andrew, Cameron and his mates can sell more weapons of death abroad. The speculators are already looking forward to further increases in food and oil prices as a result. Oh what profits they can all make from this.

A No Fly Zone will not bring down Gaddafi, the people will. All it will do is strengthen his resolve to further attack Libyan freedom fighters and oppress his own people further. In the name of  humanitarianism there will be more barbaric acts carried out and it will be the people who will suffer. In the meantime, the corrupt despots will continue to check on their Swiss bank accounts and oil revenues.

Did the UN ever consider a No Fly Zone over Gaza and the West Bank to protect the Palestinians from Israeli jets bombarding them? No, they looked on and passed yet another resolution , as long as it did not upset the US and the Israeli Government. They speak with forked tongue and are full of the usual hypocracy.

And whilst they impose their No Fly Zone, what about Gaddafi's troops on the ground? Will the UN confront them also or just say it is not part of their remit? And what about the Arab masses? They will once again see the very rulers they are trying to get rid of being backed by the West. Is this what Cameron meant by saying "we are all in this together"? The Con Dems, dictators, arms salesmen and US imperialism certainly do have a lot in common don't they? Our job is to get rid of the whole darn lot, including Gaddafi.

We say raise the Red Flag of the International not the chauvenist flags of Imperialism and oppression.

Let us do everything to bring down our own warmongers at home, who have no care or concern for working people at home or abroad.

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