Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NHS is not safe in their hands.

Last year, protestors marched in their thousands to oppose cuts to health services in Worthing, Sussex, and the surrounding area.

In Sussex, where the crisis was particularly acute, the strategic health authority  threatened to close Worthing and Southlands hospitals. Up to 10,000 marched to protest against these attacks.Hospital users from across Worthing, Lancing, Shoreham and surrounding areas were joined by large contingents of hospital and health workers - many marching behind Unison and GMB union banners.

Planned reorganization, cuts and redundancies are once again being proposed. Worthing Solidarity Network, along with community groups, health unions and local residents in Worthing and Chichester are campaigning in defence of our health service and to ensure the NHS remains safe in our hands.



Service redesign for quality or cuts by another name!

So-called public consultation began on Worthing and Southlands Hospitals by NHS West Sussex and Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust. This is expected to go on for the next 3 months.

The proposals include:
  1. The transfer of orphopaedics and elderly care from Southlands to Worthing Hospital.
  2. Building 2 new operating theatres for orthopaedic surgery at Worthing.
  3. Moving ophthalmology services from Worthing and St Richard’s, Chichester to Southlands.
  4. Creating 60 extra beds in Worthing if the proposals are agreed.
  5. Southlands will have 150 less in patient beds and will become a centre for outpatients, diagnostics and day surgery.
  6. 25 new community beds and support for GP’s will be provided.
These proposals will not lead to a more efficient patient care programme They are cuts to front line services. So much for the Con Dem Government saying the NHS is safe in their hands. When has the community ever enjoyed an expansion of services through efficiency savings? Any example would be welcomed.

The people of Worthing and Chichester all deserve a first class NHS service in each of their areas. Promises of extra beds in one hospital, whilst cutting in another, is the same as robbing Peter to pay Paul. It does not wash with us.

The private consortiums of GP practices will use the extra beds at taxpayers expense. This is about preparing the NHS for privatisation and further cuts.

The responses of the local community, health workers, patients and health unions is “ hands off our NHS” and we expect a fully funded service, not privatisation. Cut Trident and fully tax banker’s bonuses instead.  We need the NHS to be safe from cuts.

Public Consultation Meetings- Tell them what you think.

The Health Authorities have arranged various public consultation meetings,.
which end on April 29th. We hope that people will attend and make their voices heard so that these cuts proposals are fully rejected.

March 3rd – The Shoreham Centre,
Pond Road
-6.30-8.30 p.m.

March 10th- Littlehampton Town Council, Church Street 6.30-8.30 p.m.

March 15th – Postgraduate Medical Centre, Worthing Hospital 6.30-8.30 p.m.

March 22nd – Southwick Community Centre,
Southwick Street
-6.30-8.30 p.m.
.Do not just wait for the meetings. Write, phone, email your councillors, M.P.’s, G.P.’s , the press and tell them what you think of the way they are planning to run down your health service. We intend to make it clear that we oppose their cuts and privatization policies.

All disabled people are now under attack!

From this April, all disabled people of working age and receiving incapacity benefit, face being assessed to determine suitability for work.

The Capability For Work Assessment, (C.W.A.), began in 2009 under New Labour, aimed at new claimants. Atos Healthcare has been awarded the contract for investigating claims by those suffering from physical and psychological disabilities. Many have been ruled fully fit, with their benefits being immediately stopped as a result.

Whether suffering from rheumatoid arthritis , multiple sclerosis or terminal cancers, they have all had to face extremely stressful and demanding appeals process to regain their benefits which should never have been removed..  

Such a deplorable and inhumane system is about to get far worse. We must ensure this degrading procedure is immediately suspended in order to assess the damage to individuals which has already taken place. . Worthing Solidarity Network intends to fully campaign so that it is . We will also provide further updated information on the campaign.



The TUC-backed False Economy group used replies to freedom of information requests to obtain this information. More losses to be announced. So much for the “NHS being safe in their hands”.

That is why we will be joining the:
TUC National Demonstration Against Cuts -| 26 March  -JOIN US
Coaches have already been organised to go from Worthing - leaving 8am from the Dome Cinema, £5 waged / £2 unwaged.
Get your tickets now from WSN Saturday stalls in town, from your union, or from our fortnightly meetings.
Worthing Solidarity Network, the local anti-cuts campaign group, intends to campaign against all cuts to the NHS and other public services, opposing the attempts at privatisation of health care.

Worthing Solidarity Network is an informal network of various organisations and individuals supporting action to defend jobs and the public services we all rely on. It exists to support all workers and users of those services taking action to defend and improve our hard fought for living standards. We hold regular meetings to discuss and share information to user groups, including trade unions with local workplace issues, community campaigns and so on. We are following the successful example of similar groups set up in Brighton and elsewhere. Our aim is to create a forum where everyone can come to seek support and help.
Contact details:

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