Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How mean can you get? West Sussex Conservative County Council gets very mean.

The weakest and most vulnerable are at risk in West Sussex as cuts are made to care provision to adults with moderate needs. The Conservative-controlled council plans to focus on those with substantial and critical needs, affecting about 4,500 residents. They aim to raise the eligibility level from April 1st.

The local Don't Cut Us Out campaign has attracted wide support locally and is now seeking a judicial review of the decision, which will have a devastating affect on the quality of life for the adults and their carers.
"By cutting money to the vulnerable and the charities that support them, West Sussex County Council  is removing the glue that holds the third sector and its volunteer network together."

However only today we had a Tory baroness calling for greater community involvement. Is this another example of Cameron's Big Society? If rich and can afford the private sector  then fine, if poor and dependant your problem. The vulnerable and weak are paying the real price for the crises caused by the bankers and his mates in the City. Con Dems look after their own and do not give a fig for the rest of us. They wonder why people get angry, throw paint and occupy a few buildings. The real harm and violence is caused by these savage cuts not a few peaceful demonstrators at Fortnum and Masons .

Whilst Prince Harry joins 6 disabled ex soldiers raising funds for charity by walking in the Arctic, the Government cuts disability allowances for the many. Perhaps he would have been better off walking with us on the March for the alternative on Saturday in London but too busy preparing his best man's speech instead.
Oh where are his priorities now? Charity acts look good but will not even scratch the surface.

Now if Vodafone etc paid up their taxes then that would make a difference. However that is not the Big Society way for profiteers is it? Do not worry, there is always the royal wedding to divert us all from the realities of the situation. Plus ofcourse we need the money for foreign wars, bombs and missiles. Or do we?


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