Monday, March 28, 2011

The People's Petition for a Million Climate Jobs

The People's Petition for a Million Climate Jobs was launched on 26 March, the day of the huge TUC march for the alternative to cuts and redundancies. It offers a real alternative to rising unemployment and the growing threat of global warming by calling on the Government to give serious consideration to the proposals in the One Million Climate Jobs report endorsed by four national trade unions.

The petition calls for government investment and job creation, not cuts. £18 billion a year for 20 years would allow the UK to reduce its carbon emissions by 80% by 2030. This is a tiny proportion of government spending.

Please support the petition and the Climate Jobs campaign by doing the following:

Ask your campaign group, trade union branch, MP, or local councillor to endorse the petition. Send their names, contact details, and positions (where relevant) to

Publicise the petition and the report in your organisation's newsletters and mail-outs

Put a link on your website or blog to the petition website at

Download paper petitions and order copies of the Climate Jobs report from for use in campaign activities

Invite speakers to your meetings by e-mailing us at

The petition is already supported by a number of MP's and prominent individuals. Help us add to this list and make it powerful weapon in the fight for jobs and an ecologically sustainable future.

Ken Montague
for Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group

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