Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oppose the cuts and closures planned for West Sussex hospitals.

The rally outside Worthing Hospital will commence from 5 p.m. Bring banners and show your opposition to these cuts and closures. The NHS is not safe in the Con Dem hands.

Other consultation meetings are:
March 10th- Littlehampton Town Council, Church Street 6.30-8.30 p.m.
March 22nd – Southwick Community Centre,
Southwick Street
-6.30-8.30 p.m.

.Do not just wait for the meetings. Write, phone, email your councillors, M.P.’s, G.P.’s , the press and tell them what you think of the way they are planning to run down your health service. We intend to make it clear that we oppose their cuts and privatization policies.

These proposals will not lead to a more efficient patient care programme They are cuts to front line services. So much for the Con Dem Government saying the NHS is safe in their hands. When has the community ever enjoyed an expansion of services through efficiency savings? Any example would be welcomed.

The people of Worthing and Chichester all deserve a first class NHS service in each of their areas. Promises of extra beds in one hospital, whilst cutting in another, is the same as robbing Peter to pay Paul. It does not wash with us.

The private consortiums of GP practices will use the extra beds at taxpayers expense. This is about preparing the NHS for privatisation and further cuts.

The responses of the local community, health workers, patients and health unions is “ hands off our NHS” and we expect a fully funded service, not privatisation. Cut Trident and fully tax banker’s bonuses instead.  We need the NHS to be safe from cuts.

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